Highest energy efficient ceiling fans: Emerson Luxe Eco

Highest energy efficient ceiling fans

Emersons Luxe Eco Ceiling Fan
I've always liked being in a room with a ceiling fan. Moving air tends to make a room feel more comfortable and cooler during the warmer months (and fresher too). If you ever have ever experienced the trades, you'll remember how nice and comfortable that slow steady breeze felt even when it was bloody hot out. Unfortunately, our house is not situated in Tortola. Who ever said life was perfect?

We did our best, though, to bring a little feel of that wonderful island to South East Pennsylvania--by placing ceiling fans in nearly every room of the house.

The fan that I want to talk about in this article is the Emerson Luxe Eco. This is the fan we selected to act as a key unit in aiding with air-circulation. The center of our home consists of an open two story ceiling with a bridge bisecting the foyer and the family room.  The ceiling fan is located on the ceiling above the family room and is operating on a low-med setting continuously.

When operating, our ductless mini split blows heat (or conditioned) air into the family room while the ceiling fan assists in distributing that air throughout the rest of the home in a complementary manner to our Zender ERVs.

When the mini splits are not in use during the warmer spring and hot summer months at times of potential overheating from solar gains, ceiling fans, of course, will further reduce the need to operate the minis in cooling mode.  But, we also have found them to be effective at improving distribution of the desired solar heats gains, during the winter season, from the south-facing rooms thoughout the rest of the home.  This has the effect of further reducing temperature variations from room to room.

Knowing that we were going to be running a fan continuously, we wanted a fan that would do the job most effectively for the least amount of operating cost.

We had looked at a variety of super energy efficient ceiling fans and were naturally attracted to Emerson's Eco line. The only problem for us was that all of their fans in that line were ordinary and traditional in appearance. This didn't fit into the overall euro-asian contemporary feeling of the home. Again we were fortunate that the ceiling fans were one of the last elements of finish electric that was performed. In the time we began looking at Emerson and the time we needed ceiling fans to install, Emerson had introduced another model in their Eco family, the Luxe Eco.

Lisa and I loved its appearance. Yes, it's relatively expensive by conventional ceiling fan standards, but apart from its appearance, this DC-motorized fan only consumes a maximum of 33 watts--at its highest setting--while moving nearly 7000CFM of air, while doing so. That's 300% or more efficient than a typical AC motor-based ceiling fan.  When operating at lower levels, which is where we leave it, this fans consumes fewer than 5 watts of power, making its selection a breeze.


  1. LOVE the fan we WERE looking at the Haiku by www.bigassfans.com but they cost about 1k/fan. Thanks for putting all of he info needed out there.

  2. That is one very efficient fan!

    We are in the process of building a super energy efficient addition and I think I just found out which fan we should be putting in our master bedroom.

    Looks good too!

    1. Good choice. We are quite happy with it. Absolutely silent in operation (except for the swoosh of the air when on high).

      Enjoy and good luck with your project!


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