Passivhaus community: The people side of the equation

I am taking a break for a moment from my standard posts to discuss a topic that I feel I need to discuss at this time.

I am very thankful to those professional relationships that (in some cases) have turned into personal friendships.  My wife and I would not have been successful if it had not been for the people of the Passive house community (both domestically and abroad).

Much of these learning experiences were not conducted in a vacuum (air-tight perhaps, but not a vacuum).  There was a real collegiate feel to it, something that I realized I missed.  The spirit of learning and discovering in environments with little concern or influences by commercial interests and agendas.

Free exchange of ideas is critical to engineering undertakings.  In fact it was that very spirit that led to the development of the Web from individuals working at CERN.  The idea was to create a medium for free flow of ideas for collaborative projects.

I bring this up now, because as time goes on and readership had gone up, I have been receiving bogus comments from either manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers.

I certainly welcome commentary and input, particularly if it is positive and illuminating.  What I don't welcome nor appreciate are comments of little value and then a plug for a product of service that someone is selling.  It is in poor taste to attempt to exploit the work of a lot of people (including myself) who have invested a considerable amount of time pursuing and developing the knowledge of what it takes to build a Passivhaus.

Any such comments are considered SPAM and are going to continue to be ignored.  However, I would consider posting a list of the posters in a future article.  I would call it the shame-list...and that is a list you wouldn't want to be on.

I am totally fine with commercial interests and I am a businessman myself, so I understand what it means to have to create business to feed our families.  But, by all means, offer/provide something, knowledge, insight, experiences...something useful.  Not a yellow page ad.

If you folks want to market to the Passivhaus community, first understand them.  This isn't LEED.  The PH community is primarily (I found) consisting of engineering types.  We're methodical and precise.  Passivhaus design and construction takes a considerable amount of time.

I found one needs and tremendous amount of patience and humbleness to truly succeed. 

Teach, not leech.  If your ideas work, people will come and it doesn't come quickly with simple self-indulgent plugs.