WaterSense Ultra Efficient Water Saving Bathroom Fixtures, Faucets, and Shower Heads

WaterSense Ultra-Efficient Water Saving Bathroom Fixtures, Faucets, and Shower Heads

The next area of water conservancy we undertook was the bathrooms.

We wanted to continue the theme of a contemporary euro-asian decor, but also wanted water saving fixtures.

Brizo Siderna Lavatory Faucet in Brushed Nickle Finish

At the lavatory we selected polished chrome Delta Vero faucets for use in the 1st floor master bathroom as well as well as the 2nd floor "shared" bathroom between the 3rd and 4th bedrooms.

For our master bathroom on the 2nd floor as well as the powder room on the 1st floor we selected Brizo Siderna series in brush nickle.

In all three bathrooms we opted to use one of the most water efficient shower heads currently available, the contemporary 1.5 gpm Delta T17253-H2O Vero Shower with H2Okinetic water aeration and agitation technology.  This shower head flows at 40% less than a typical 2.5 gpm (gallon per minute) low-flow shower head.  These shower heads will serve as our primary source of bathing water. 

In both master bathroom showers we also installed rain shower heads and hand showers for a total of three water sources.  To control the water flow from each of the three sources, we utilized a six point diverter.

They are very stylish looking and produce a nice stream that imparts a feeling of a greater amount of water flow.  With each of the Delta and Brizo fixtures we incorporated a flow rate and temperature selection fixture which allows for the pre-selected temperature balance of hot and cold water that can then set the flow rate without requiring adjustment to the temperature of the water.  We found this to be a great feature as it eliminates the guessing or hunting for the right balance of hot and cold every time one turns on the shower.

Delta Vero Shower Head, Diverter, Bath Fixture with H20Kinetic Technology
Yes we do have a jacuzzi jetted tub in one of the master bathrooms, but (especially at our age) its use is going to be minimal.  The big water savings came from those primary shower heads.  A family of four can expect to conserve about 14,000 gallons of water a year just by selecting these ultra-efficient water saving shower heads from Delta.


  1. I am currently using Bricor (www.bricor.com) shower heads and aerators. Their shower heads can go as low as .55gpm. The ones we are using are 1gpm. They are AWESOME! The aerators we are using from Bricor on all of our faucets are .33gpm. Check them out they make INCREDIBLE performing products


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