Low VOC/Zero VOC Paint for Enhancing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Low VOC/Zero VOC Interior Paint for Enhancing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint
When it came to interior paint selection, we considered only two manufacturers: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and only brands that would contribute to enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ).

One of my older cousins has been a professional house painter for many years and swears by Benjamin Moore--the only paint he uses.  We had considered two of their paint series, Aura and Natura each environmentally friendly having very little VOCs or no VOCs including their colorants.  The paint, however is not inexpensive, to be sure, and painting a home of 6000+ SF with such costly paint would get quite expensive as it is not discounted.

The paint, however, we ultimately selected was Sherwin-Williams Duration. (Emerald had not been available at the time).  What appealed to us was that Duration is a very low VOC paint (even more so now since Sherwin-Williams colorants have become zero VOC themselves like Benjamin Moore); is durable and washable even with low-gloss sheens; and is anti-microbial to resist formation of mold & mildew. 

Like Benny Moore, this paint is not inexpensive either, however every once and awhile Sherwin-Williams has a 40% sale on their paints.  This substantial discount was simply too good for us to pass up and the timing was perfect; their sale coincided with our painting schedule.

If that wasn't enough, Sherwin Williams extended very favorable payment terms, which allowed me to cover the expense of the materials through the construction draw from our bank.

A nearby Sherwin-Williams paint store had an interior designer on staff who assisted us in selecting paint colors at our job site--she made several visits.  There was a complementary service and she was absolutely fabulous.

Amazingly, my wife and I largely agreed on the final color selections.  One color was offered to us that was no longer being marketed, but was available if specifically requested--in other words, you had to know it existed.  It was a (bolder) historical red-color that we selected for our dining room.  We very much liked the combination of paint colors between the walls and the coffered ceiling.  (I will be providing pictures and walk-through videos in upcoming posts.)

Once the first couple of coats went on, the quality and smell of the indoor air improved significantly as the smell of drywall and plaster dissipated and we found absolutely no objectionable odors emanating from the paint once it was on the walls.  We had read online some complaints about newer environmentally friendly paints giving off very unpleasant odors for extended periods of time.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with Sherwin-Williams and their friendly and supportive staff and, based upon our experiences, I recommend that any builder should give them serious consideration.  SW's newer formulated Emerald paint was not available at the time, had it been, we would have most likely selected this paint as it is even more environmentally friendly than Duration.

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